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Safe cell phone for kids

Block Calls from Strangers. Prevent Cyber Bullying.

Protect your child with Kytephone's safety platform which includes a call blocker & SMS blocker. You'll know whose contacting your child thanks to the call & SMS logs on Kytephone's Parent Dashboard, which can be accessed from your phone. It's super easy to create new contacts as well, even if you aren't near your child's phone.


Block Unwanted Callers & Texts

Kytephone only allows calls and text messages from parent-approved contacts. All other incoming calls and text messages will be blocked. Kytephone protects your child from strangers and telemarketers. All incoming, outgoing, and blocked calls & text messages can be seen on the Kytephone Parent Dashboard.

Easy To Use

Easily create contacts from your phone by logging on to Kytephone's Parent Dashboard (show above). The contacts will be instantly pushed to your child's phone. Want to include existing contacts? Import them from your child's phone directly. Kytephone makes parenting easy.