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Safe cell phone for kids

Manage Game Playing Time

Kids love their phone and they are curious about the world that it opens up. Make sure they only access safe content and apps while still letting them indulge their curiosity. Kytephone allows you to give them the freedom to explore within safe boundaries.


Manage Apps. Set Time Limits

Allow only specific apps to show on the screen so the kid's won't know what they aren't allowed to use. Manage their screen time by setting daily time limits. All of these can be configured from your own phone using Kytephone's Parent Dashboard. Let Kytephone be the strict parent so you don't have to.

Block Inappropriate Content

Kytephone's sandboxed interface creates a safe environment for your children, preventing them from accessing inappropriate content, like porn and violent video games. The sandbox is tamperproof, only the parents can unlock it. Kytephone's unique customizable interface persists even if you pull the phone's battery.

Ad Blocker

Kytephone doesn't have any ads but some of the other 3rd party apps might. Not to worry, because Kytephone has a built-in ad blocker and prevents any in-app ad from opening a screen in front of your child.

Give Them a Helping Hand

Android can be confusing, Kytephone makes it easy with its intuitive interface. With the easy to use sandbox environment, Kytephone is the perfect complement for educational apps that can make a difference in children's lives. Kytephone's sandbox approach is a also a great tool to improve a child's fine motor skills.

Kytephone can also help children with special needs.