Saturday, May 25, 2013

Get Your Kids Organized

Being well organized is very important in today's fast-paced life. When you look in your kid's room which usually looks as if just a few minutes ago there was a big explosion and not a single thing seems to be in its place, you probably think you will never be able to raise organized children. Most of us get frustrated and this simply doesn't help, it can even further complicate things. Actually teaching your kids to be organized is not as complicated as many of us would think. You just need to follow a few simple steps.

  • Be a role model. Children follow behaviours they see, so if you are organized and show them plain and clear this is a simple and easy way to deal with daily tasks, they will start by imitating you and very soon the behaviour will become a habit and you will never have to worry again. However, keep in mind that giving a good example doesn't just apply to house chores. It is important to show your kids that you are organized in all aspects of your life. Start with things they can understand - like shopping, having a routine to check email. A step at a time, as they grow up, you can include more and more aspects of life.

  • Organize your kid's life. Make a list of things they have to do - from simple house chores, to doing their homework, to getting ready for their scheduled activities. A note of caution: don't be to strict, introduce things slowly, make them fun. If you come too strong, your kids may see you as too authoritative and this can have a negative as oppose to positive effect.
  • Get ready for the next day the evening before. Don't leave everything for the morning. Getting ready, preparing breakfast, checking the backpacks for school - all this can become too stressful, especially if you get up even five minutes after the alarm clock goes on. You can easily avoid the morning stress if you prepare a number of things before you go to bed. Check the backpacks, line up the lunch boxes, knowing what are you going to put in them in the morning; prepare all clothes. If you do some of those together with your children - for instance together check if their backpacks are ready for the next day and you only need to put in the lunch; or select and prepare the clothes for the next day, very soon this will become a most useful habit.

Never forget to say a good word and reward in a small way the efforts your kid makes. And remember - the earlier you start, the easier it is.

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