Monday, October 29, 2012

Windows Phone 8's Kid Corner Available on Android

Microsoft unveiled their latest mobile platform - Windows Phone 8 - which has Kid Corner, a feature that allows the phone to have multiple profiles for different users (like kids), allowing different apps to be enabled for different profiles.

This isn't new. Kytephone has offered this and more on Android for free. Thanks to the openness of Android, Kytephone allows parents to create a separate profile for their child's phone which they can manage remotely.

What makes Kytephone's Kid Profile better?

  • Safer
    • the child profile extends to phone / SMS as well, allowing parents to block incoming calls and texts from unwanted numbers.
    • built-in ad blocker in Android apps 
  • Flexible
    •  set time limits on games so your kids get time to finish their homework.
  • Easy to Use
    • Creating the child profile is as easy as hitting a button. All you have to do is install Kytephone from the Google Play store.
  • Remote Management
    • The child profile can be managed remotely from any web browser. All changes are instantly synced to the phone in real time.
Best of all, Kytephone works on any Android smartphone or tablet and is FREE. Learn more by visiting

Create a Child Profile using Kytephone's Kid Mode
Kytephone's Kid Mode

Remote Management using Kytephone's Parent Dashboard
Kytephone's Parent Dashboard

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Update : How to Make Your Kids Feel Safe

"Hurricane Sandy!"

If you live in the North East US, it is probably all you are hearing about on news! Hurricane Sandy and it's potential disastrous effect is the only thing covered by the news media right now.

This can be scary for young children who overhear the news coverage and hear words like "devastating impact" or "dangerous floods" on TV.  Here are some tips that can remove their anxiety:
  • Reassure them that they are completely safe at home and you have taken all possible precautions, such as having ample food in the pantry.  For additional information, take a look at this list on how to prepare for Hurricane Sandy.
  • Let them know ahead of time that they may hear loud sounds of thunder and wind. Let them know its completely normal - so they aren't scared by it.
  • Teach them about the science behind hurricanes - turn this event into a learning opportunity for the children. If you are curious yourself, here is great article on how hurricanes are formed by NASA.
  • Since the family is shored up at home, turn this into a family bonding moment. Break out the board games and hot cocoa and reconnect with your children. Make it a moment that they'll remember forever, for all the right reasons.
  • If the hurricane subsidizes during the week, but they are scared to travel outside the house for school, consider giving them a low-cost Android smartphone with location tracking capabilities.
Stay safe!

Get a live update on Hurricane Sandy from Weather Underground.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Happy Halloween !

Halloween is just around the corner, but I am sure preparations in your families have been in the works for a long time now. What costume will the kid wear;  can we find it; is the house decorated; do we have a "trick-or-treat" basket; is the pumpkin well carved; have we bought enough candy...the list of questions and small tasks still to be completed is almost endless...

Halloween is a great holiday for kids of all ages - even for the kid you've hidden deep down in yourself. I think, however, that somewhere in the frenzy between the countless and smashing costumes, the ever increasing variety of treats, the  decorations that take days to assemble and install we all tend to forget what the holiday is all about. If you ask the little trick-or-treaters on the street or even some of the parents what kind of holiday Halloween actually is, you'll discover a lot of them had somehow lost perspective and forgotten.


Now is a good time to remember that Halloween is the one day of the year to remember and honour the dead and to celebrate food and  Life. Over the centuries this basic meaning has not changed; it has evolved to become a blend of past festivals of many cultures and religions, reflecting our reality. The essence of the holiday though we should engrave in our kid's minds and never forget.

Although today the festivities and celebrations are a lot more elaborate, at the end, as  celebrations should be, they are above all for fun.  It is the time of year when everybody - kids and adults - can dress up  releasing and living their fantasies; can go out there and be silly without being judged; can have tons of fun doing it. The costume doesn't have to be the best out there, the pumpkin doesn't have to be perfectly carved; the basket doesn't have to be overflowing with candies that can give your kid (and yourself for that matter) sugar rush till next Halloween. It is the thought of why are we doing all this and the great enjoyment of doing it that are important; it is the memories we create that matter and will last.

So, let's not sweat over the small details and try to fully enjoy this wonderful holiday!                    

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