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Safe cell phone for kids

Stay connected with your child

It's tough to be a parent these days. It's even harder to be a responsible parent. Kytephone can help. Responsible parents use Kytephone to gain insight into their child's mobile activities and manage their screen time. You'll never have to argue with your kids about spending too much time playing games with Kytephone.

Kytephone is perfect for the busy parent. The Parent Dashboard (shown below) is optimized for mobile, so parents can manage their kid's phone from their own. Wherever you are, your child is there with you.


Be a Responsible Parent

Kytephone lets you stay connected with your child through your mobile device. Use the Parent Dashboard to see your child's location, their call logs, or how much time they spent playing games. Any change you make on the Parent Dashboard is synced instantly to your child's phone. Kytephone helps you be a responsible parent by keeping you informed.


Responsible parenting doesn't have to be expensive. Kytephone runs on older Android phones, so re-use your old Android with Kytephone. Kytephone also saves you money on your cell phone plan, you'll never get an unpleasant surprise on your monthly bill anymore. Worried about data? No need to. Kytephone uses minimal data, less than 100MB/month.