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Safe cell phone for kids
Martin flying a kite. February 2012.


The inspiration for Kytephone came while flying kites along the beautiful Californian coastline. As far as the kites flew freely in the sky, they were never far away. A simple tug on the wire and they would safely come back to us. We wanted to instil a similar feeling in parents and their young children in today's mobile-centric society. Kids already clamour to use smartphones, so we wanted to give them a responsible and safe way to use it.

We believe Kytephone is the easiest and safest way to prepare your young child for their mobile-centric future. It's a positive parenting tool that gives you the control to set the boundaries, instilling your children with the values you believe in.

About Us

We are a Canadian start-up based out of Toronto, Canada, although we got our start at the prestigious YCombinator Accelerator program in Silicon Valley. They continue to be a great partner with Kytephone. In Toronto, we are graciously supported by the Ryerson Digital Media Zone, a great organization that promotes tech entrepreneurship in Canada.

Ideas? Questions? Concerns?

Let us know how we are doing. We want to know what you like and don't like about Kytephone. After all, Kytephone is for you and your kids. We want to make sure your family has the best experience possible. If you would like to share some great ideas on parenting or topics you'd like us to discuss on our blog, please let us know. Please send us a note to [email protected]