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Looking for something for your teenage kids?
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Safe cell phone for young kids

Kytephone turns any Android into a safe kid's phone

  • know your child's location
  • protect your children from strangers
  • limit screen time for games
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Parenting is Hard. Kytephone can help.

Stay Connected With Your Child

Be a responsible parent. Kytephone lets you stay connected with your child wherever you are.

Block Calls from Strangers

Protect your child from cyber bullying with Kytephone's SMS and call blocker.

Built-in Phone Locator

Feel secure knowing that you can find your child with Kytephone's free GPS tracker feature.

Manage Game Playing Time

Limit your child's screen time by setting time limits for games and managing your child's apps.

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Parents Love Kytephone

Thank you for making the connection between my life and my kids just that little bit stronger.
- Stephen, Australia

Overall the app is fabulous! I feel significantly more secure knowing that I can locate my child should we get separated for any reason.
- Amy W., USA

Installed Kytephone on the wee one's phone. So far, very impressed.
- Paul G., UK

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